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The Best Of Laos – The Places You Need To Visit

Eulalia Lorenzo/ March 15, 2018/ Accommodation/ 0 comments

The ‘Land of a Million Elephants’, so is the name bestowed upon the country in the heart of Indochina: Laos. Somewhat lesser known as a tourist spot, Laos does not enjoy the same popularity in terms of foreigners visiting its many attractions – both natural and cultural – but, it certainly does not lose to its neighbours in terms of

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Things That Everyone Must Do Before The End Of Summer

Eulalia Lorenzo/ March 8, 2018/ Accommodation/ 0 comments

A season that all of us enjoy greatly is the summer. That is because the weather is perfect at this time. Therefore that is why many us make lists of things to accomplish during this season. That is because there is something about this season that motivates us to accomplish tasks. However, one should keep in mind that there are

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