Month: April 2018

How To Plan A Successful Overseas Group Holiday?

Are you nervous about having to organize a overseas group holiday? Don’t be! Here are our tips and suggestions to make it a memorable holiday… 

Appoint the ticket booking to someone responsible  

One of the hardest things to get right when it comes to group holidays, is the transport. Unlike a local trip, overseas holidays are a little complicated; simply because you need to book the tickets well in advance. Making sure you do so will not only cut your expenses (which, inevitably means you get to spend more on holidaying!), it will also reduce that last minute stress you are bound to feel. So make sure to give your group a deadline for the confirming of tickets. Anyone who doesn’t, unfortunately will have to stay back.  

Know before hand where exactly you’re staying, and how exactly you’re getting there  

Whether you are booking a 5 start hotel in Dubai, 4 bedroom villa Maldives, or a private resort in Mexico; you need to know well beforehand where you are going to be staying exactly. This ensures that you will not have to struggle upon arrival; and that you won’t spend unnecessarily on undeserving accommodations. In our experience, going with friend recommendations work far better than checking online reviews; as the later can easily be fabricated. Apart from this, it’s also vital that you organize transport for you to get from the airport to your accommodations; as it can get very messy upon arrival.  

Plan out the events and activities  

Whether you’re planning this trip to India, Africa, the Middle East or Maldives with friends, there’s only so much of site seeing, playing the tourist and sunbathing that you can do before getting bored. To avoid this, make sure to plan your trip from day one to the final day. Remember that in most overseas countries, the night life is as happening as the day; so you’ll have plenty to do during the dark hours as well. Make sure everyone catches up with their sleep during the flight so you’re all well rested and ready to holiday! 

Remember to be mindful of your different tastes 

Regardless to whether you’re traveling with friends or your family, it goes without saying that not all of you will have similar tastes or interests. It pays to remember this when organizing activities or even food. Try to have a variety included, so it caters to all. Have a “free day” in which the group can scatter to do whatever they want; regrouping at the end of the day. This can also be the day that you opt to laze around in your hotel room…! 

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The Beauty Of Nature

Everyone loves nature. We all are a part of nature. People find beauty in nature in many different aspects. Some find it in the way the human body works and interacts, some find it in animals whereas many others find beauty in the breath-taking sceneries before us such as the snow, trees, the sky, mountains, stars, sun, moon and the sea.  

Water Sceneries 

Different people like to enjoy different sceneries but everyone loves places where they could have a nice swim. One such place is the beach. People love to visit the beach and chill out and enjoy. There are several water activities that can be done at the beach as well. Some people visit the beach to find peace. Most people who like to travel can also visit countries that are surrounded by the sea in order to have a great time at the beach. For example, one can visit Maldives and enjoy the beach and the sea view and at the same time get to eat in the best restaurant Maldives. People also are very fascinated by waterfalls, for example the Niagara Falls in Canada. People love to visit these places because of their beauty but also because they can have a bath in the cold, clean water and enjoy themselves.  

Land Sceneries 

There are many different places that people like to go when it comes to land sceneries which includes mountains, caves, forests and deserts. People who like the heat and who want to visit some place new would have a great experience by going to a desert where they could ride camels and also go for a safari. People who would like to experience cold weather can go to snow filled places where they can go ice skating or skiing. People who like to sees trees can admire sceneries such as mountains and forests. 

Different Ways to Enjoy Nature 

There are several things that people do in order to enjoy themselves and at the same time admire nature. People can travel and go on trips and stay in a place where they can relax as well as go around and explore the place. They could go hiking, parachuting or even go sea diving to see the underwater world. For example people can go and have a please stay in one of the north male atoll resorts where they can enjoy and relax in the beach and also admire the coral world within.  


Admiring nature and experiencing new things not only keeps us happy and content but it gives people a sense of belonging, love and also it helps us to get closer to God and His creations.  

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A Place To Stay In Laos

It is great to see the beauty of the world through the eyes of a tourist. It is then that the true nature of a place could be describe in an independent manner. People go to different parts of the world, in search of this and many do end up having a good time. It is indeed a nice feeling to travel anywhere you can. 

Laos is a country in South East Asia which may not have the hype in other countries in this part of the globe, but is a place worth visiting. It is especially rich in the Buddhist herniate and is a UNESCO world heritage site. This has given the country the much needed publicity. If you are planning to spend some time in this country, there is many a boutique hotel in Luang Prabang where you can affordable comfort.  

You money is going to be well spent as this place has given affordability a prime place. It is for that we need to look into this as an option to go for. Reviews have come up for the hotels and resorts in the country and the comments have been great so far. 

Luang Prabang is a famous city in Laos and is a much visited place in the country, for that matter. Luang Prabang Laos hotels come in boutique forms and luxurious motel forms too. This does not, however, degrade the kind of experience you will have in either. It is a perfect to spend your vacation. 

Coming in to the city, the transport systems is at its best with a good public transport systems available during many times of the day and night. You can also hire private vehicles for a reasonable price, although public transport is more affordable and is actually good for that matter. It is up to you on which mode you prefer best. 

Tourists from all parts of the world come in to Laos on an annual basis, and of recent, the country has seen the highest number of visitors entering its premises. This is great news for the government of Laos and especially the tourism and related industries. Much of the income generated from these go to the building up of the country to gain much better in future. To that the government of the country should be praised as it is in a good state and is striving to achieve more. You should also give this lovely region a visit and be a part of an untold story full of rich heretical experience, not found anywhere else in the globe. 

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