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Everyone loves nature. We all are a part of nature. People find beauty in nature in many different aspects. Some find it in the way the human body works and interacts, some find it in animals whereas many others find beauty in the breath-taking sceneries before us such as the snow, trees, the sky, mountains, stars, sun, moon and the sea.  

Water Sceneries 

Different people like to enjoy different sceneries but everyone loves places where they could have a nice swim. One such place is the beach. People love to visit the beach and chill out and enjoy. There are several water activities that can be done at the beach as well. Some people visit the beach to find peace. Most people who like to travel can also visit countries that are surrounded by the sea in order to have a great time at the beach. For example, one can visit Maldives and enjoy the beach and the sea view and at the same time get to eat in the best restaurant Maldives. People also are very fascinated by waterfalls, for example the Niagara Falls in Canada. People love to visit these places because of their beauty but also because they can have a bath in the cold, clean water and enjoy themselves.  

Land Sceneries 

There are many different places that people like to go when it comes to land sceneries which includes mountains, caves, forests and deserts. People who like the heat and who want to visit some place new would have a great experience by going to a desert where they could ride camels and also go for a safari. People who would like to experience cold weather can go to snow filled places where they can go ice skating or skiing. People who like to sees trees can admire sceneries such as mountains and forests. 

Different Ways to Enjoy Nature 

There are several things that people do in order to enjoy themselves and at the same time admire nature. People can travel and go on trips and stay in a place where they can relax as well as go around and explore the place. They could go hiking, parachuting or even go sea diving to see the underwater world. For example people can go and have a please stay in one of the north male atoll resorts where they can enjoy and relax in the beach and also admire the coral world within.  


Admiring nature and experiencing new things not only keeps us happy and content but it gives people a sense of belonging, love and also it helps us to get closer to God and His creations.  

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