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Knowing that accommodation is one of those things that eats a large portion of your travel budget, you would probably like to know how you can reduce such expenses as much as you possibly can without compromising on comfort or convenience. Sadly, a lot of people end up saving money in the wrong manner, mostly by downgrading their rooms to ones with lesser facilities overall. But why give up so much when you can save a similar amount of money in the following ways? 

Find a Suitable Location 

If you book a hotel that is far from a major city or an urban centre, then you will most likely spend a lot of money just to travel here and there. Ultimately, this would cost you a lot more than simply renting out a more expensive room in a hotel located much closer to the city. So always think ahead when booking, especially if you need to go out quite often. 

Stay for Multiple Nights 

Staying for just a single night will not provide you with any kind of benefits. On the other hand, booking accommodation for something like three or four nights will allow you to take advantage of deals and packages that can save you a lot of money, no matter whether it is a vacation period or an off-season. 

Book Online  

Booking your rooms online is the best way to get good deals when travelling overseas, so you may want to do an in-depth research of all Phuket family hotels when planning your next family trip to Thailand. There are also hotels that only allow their clients to book rooms online, and you may be locked out of such options if you decide to leave the issue of accommodation for the time period after you land in Phuket. 

Opt for Packages Which Include Dining 

Taking your breakfast, dinner and lunch at the hotel itself is convenient, not to mention that it saves you a lot of time, since looking for good restaurants outside can be tiring and unnecessarily complicated, more so if you are exhausted from a full day of travelling and you just need something to fill yourself up. Don’t underestimate the quality of the dishes prepared at most hotels in Phuket: they can easily rival the best of Italian restaurants in Phuket with their wide selection of dishes. 

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